Accenture Pvt. Ltd

when will accenture hire for assosiate software engg. profile

Most probably in January.
But this is just my guess.

No one knows when will they recruit for 2017. Everyone has been waiting for this drive since past 3-4 months.

I have been selected for ASE IO profile. Am I eligible to appear for ASE profile?

I think so.
Since the profiles are different, you can definitely apply.

Are you going to reject the ASE-IO offer? Then you have to wait for the ASE drive. Risk!

ohk thankuu…

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ASE-IO profile is good to start with or not?? Any idea

Yes. It is a good start to your corporate life.

But it also depends on you, if you love coding it may not be suitable for you.

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Okayy Thank-You :slight_smile:

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I got offer letter yesterday and I have 14 days to accept/reject.
I have applied for application development associate position too. But even if I get selected in interview process, will they reject me afterwards because I have offer letter for another position?
And I don’t love coding, I just want to start my career from a good position so that it would be helpful in future.