Accenture private limited

is any one get call through accenture???

not yet…

if our cllg name is in the list of accenture cllg list then only we get cll ???
bcz accenture drive in delhi 16th dec

Accenture drive???

One of my friend got a call.
No, college name in the list is not required.

But i heard that they only hire from specific colleges mentioned in their list.

It was not mentioned this time.
My classmate applied and got a call even though our college and university is not in the list.

They are preferring female candidates though.

hey, can you tell how long would be the procedure for the interviews to be conducted…? A day or more than that?

It should be a 1 day process.
Technical followed by HR.

If there will be a huge number of candidates, they may conduct a GD to eliminate many.

Is there a Accenture drive??? I cant see in my login…

same here…

They have removed the job post.
Don’t know what is happening.

i aint even got the mail…regarding accenture drive…

ok thanks :slight_smile:

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It is there by the name of leading IT consultancy… It had scheduled it’s drive in around 28 oct but it was postponed . The applicants who had earlier confirmed the interview call got the intimation directly this time I suppose. It is showing in my confirmed interview calls section in the portal.

Accenture is not showing in my job portal. How can i apply for it

Looks like they have removed the job post.
You cannot apply now. Keep checking the job listing page if they bring it back.

I declined the offer that time as the date was not convenient. But I got the offer again this time.

associate it operation this profile is like tech. support or software engg.

Technical Support
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