Accenture Offer Letter?

girls drive that was held in delhi

I too have received the offer letter. I think we should inform Accenture people because if it was not necessary then they woudnt have displayed the buttons.

was it ASE drive or IT operations drive @saumya_3282250

You r from Bangalore drive r Delhi drive…?

Okay cool. Congratulations :slight_smile: @saumya_3282250

hmmm exactly… we should write mails to campus queries . then they will try to process it soon

thank you

hmm ase - it drive

yes u are right. we should mail them about the error.

u can try now . link is working

no idea about it

check your mail inbox, if your offer letter is accepted then you will receive a confirmation mail from Accenture

thank u

What was ur score ?

@avni_3309537 my score was 145

yup got one…thnk u!!

do we have to register in also?
or just register in the link sent to us i.e.

Only the link sent to you

I gave Accenture on 8th Feb in Banglore for ASE position. I have completed my all tasks and its due date is 23rd Feb.

  1. Do you have any idea that when I will get offer letter?
  2. Is it necessary to create and login our account on or to get offer letter? or We have to follow this procedure after getting offer letter?
    Guide me.

I did not get any mail regarding offer letter…