Accenture new drive for 2016 passed out- Profile - IT-OPS

New drive for IT-OPS is going to held on June 3rd, That was fine, But what happened to previous drives of ASE profile.

People who were selected for ASE position will they able to attend this drive?

Don’t know. Bt i’ve applied for it.

My ph score isn’t that good .
Verbal : 28.36%ile
LR : 82.39%ile
Quantitative : 51.76%ile
What are my chances ?

You should try again.

You got call from Accenture ?

I’m already selected for ASE postion 3 months back for Accenture, so I’m not eligible to apply for IT-OPS postion.

Is the 2017 batch eligible for this ??

No, see the Eligibility.

I am also selected. Brother u can apply again for another profile i.e IT operations

Btw i think they can give us joining within the next quarter.
Else they won’t give

i have test on may 28.
will i eligible for this drive?

Bro, it may land us in trouble. You can attend that’s fine, But even if you get selected, they will cancel your candidature, during Verification. Because. One person One company two different profiles won’t possible. So it’s better not to apply. Eventually they may cancel your current candidature also.

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Yes, if you get your scores early.

They already kept ASE position hold for us, So eventually it’s waste, if you get selected.

Yes indeed

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Brother how many days before the drive does Accenture shortlist the candidates for the drive so that I can plan my travel accordingly?

Accenture ITO location Banglore or Dehil?

Do I stand any chance with these scores
English - 43.34
Problem solving - 54.77
Quant - 85.67

I don’t know that, but max they will give interview call letter before 4-5 days of interview. So Best of Luck :+1:

Just Apply man, your score is fine, but we can’t say how they will shortlist you.