Accenture Joining Date

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Did anyone who has done all the tasks got offer letter and date of joining? Or do you know how much time it approximately takes to get our date of joining after finishing all the tasks?

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When was your interview?

8 Feb Bangalore

me too gave interview on 8th feb in banglore. Does anyone know about offer and joining letter dates?

Hello all. I also gave accenture interview on 21st jan in bangalore. I also finished my all the 13 task given,but till now i have not got any update regarding joining date.
Anyone got update??

Hey… anyone received the admit from Accenture???

What kind of task they give …?

In task they told to upload all the docments,Id proof,Location preference etc…

All tasks are approved right ?
Same here
Till now no update at all

Okay Thank you @parth_3069050

Yeah all 13 are approved also…Any idea about the expected date of joining?

:yum:precisely what is happening at accenture right now ::yum:

arkajit when did u attend accenture drive? my9 is only 5 tasks are approved…

Anybody having idea about when accenture can give joining dates plz share here…ppl who got placed thourgh amcat telling that may be april…how long should we wait?

21st jan bangalore

when was yours ?

Feb 8th in Bangalore…Hey did u got any update after task approval?

nopz no update till now :frowning:

Hmmm…So whom should we contact to knw abt this?:sweat: and if I joined to some other jobs , if Accenture ppl called immediately wt to do?:disappointed: Lots of confusion…

tasks are approved right after the due date. My due date was 23rd of feb. I got all the tasks approved today that is 24th. So relax and have patience