Accenture IT operations

Hello everyone ,

I wanted to ask, has anyone gotten the call letter for Accenture IT operations that is to be held on 23rd March 2019. If so, can you tell me the date when you received it .

Yes i got a interview call on 13th march

When can we get Accenture IT operations Admit cards if not now then when will we get it??

hi did you get your admit card through eLitmus or from the accenture itself ? for the even which is held on 23rd march

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Yes… I got on a normal msg on March 18th…
But I’m not able to download admit card in elitmus page…
I’m getting can’t download…

I have no pH score but just with logging in I had applied for Accenture drive to be held on 23rd March. Can I expect call letter? or should I need to take eLitmus test before that date. Please suggest me

Is it provided by elitmus ? Or Accenture. Like it has Accenture logo or elitmus logo?