Accenture | IT operations associate role | 2018 batch

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Yesterday, 9th Jan… The event is on 19th


Is there any criteria ? Like college list of Accenture or over stream?
I also applied for that but still i didn’t get any kind of information?


I don’t think so… I’ve also applied for application development associate post but didn’t get any call letter…


Your percentile? Is your college name present in their college list?


If you have all your grade cards, there will not be any problem.
You can tell them that provisional is not issued yet.


I am unable to open it… what can be the possible cause?


Please go to the job list page and accept it.
Try to access it from a desktop/laptop.


As i have tried several times but that is not proceeding further… even in the job list its still showing that i have applied… but not a single progress over there.
Kindly help.


Did you get any mail?
Try after an hour, maybe it will show up.


No i didn’t get any mail… and its showing since 30 hours


No. Have you applied for any other companies through elitmus? I’ve applied for various posts in many companies but got only few interview call letters.


Same goes for me… can u forward me that mail which Accenture sent you? Just to check the venue details


Accenture hasn’t sent me the admit card yet. The admit will only be issued two days bfor the event. Hopefully the admit card will be forwarded to me on 17th


Is this job only for female candidates or anyone can expect interview call letter?


Anyone can apply but female candidates are preferred.


Why i am not getting interview call letter from Accenture? I am just getting notifications regarding that


Does anyone received any mail regarding this drive? Or any call letter?


It could be that was a female only drive.
IT Operations has always been female only. (Only the last drive in November was an exception)
Try to find out if any male candidates have got the call.


Next drive is on 2nd Feb. What should we expect now?


Hello,I have attended Accenture drive on 19th Jan and had cleared all the rounds of interview.When will we get the results about being selected or not?Is there a process of shortlisting even after HR round?