Accenture hiring process post elitmus

How does accenture hire post elitmus. Like is it just gonna be an interview or will there be some other rounds as well?


Can you please tell me some details ??

There will be a standard interview, that is, your intro, a few technical questions, questions based on your project and a few based on your résumé (least likely though). This based on the experience of a few of my friends who attended the 7th Jan drive.

And yeah, why Accenture? This question’s gonna be there for sure.

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GD was there?

Yup, either GD or else you need to speak on a particular scenario.

which topic the asked in GD or which scenario they was asked? give some example pls…

Cannot divulge that, I haven’t been there, a few of my friends attended the 7th and 15th Jan drives.

Does anyone know the venue? Like where thr last one was held etc.

Hi…what was the final result from the 7th Jan drive??
Dis anyone got mail from Accenture or not ?

To be updated by 19th Jan, I guess.

Yeah, one of my friends got selected.

I just received a txt from hr dept accenture that i was rejected from their aptitude round. But i never appeared for any such round. Did anyone else get this?

Yes, I got the same mail.

yeah even i got message @suvojit

i got the same aptitude message.

What is this supposed to mean? Did anyone from the previous drives receive this mail?

Can anyone please tell me that 21st Jan associate software engineer Drive is in Bangalore only or it is in Delhi as well?
Is someone attending it there?