Accenture game test

Has the “game test” for Accenture began…??
I’ve received no other info or mail other than the confirmation msgs.
I’m checking my mailbox since 8.30am today

same here

Hey did anyone get any news about Accenture game test? Did the ppl with non elimination game test round receive any mail?

still waiting

still waiting

is it fake?

:joy: I dont think so man lets hope they will do something about it

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the number of candidates are too high so they might be taking such a long time

guys nobody got the mail? its already 5 :\

its nt fake …companies have their own policy of organising the test

still waiting…went to elitmus office they had told all formalities are geting done by accenture itshelves…

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Seems like we are done with the day and none of us got the mail. Let’s hope we’ll get to know something tomorrow

Still keep checking ur mail bro u dnt know abt accenture

Received any mail for game test today…??

Any info/mail today regarding Accenture Game test…?

no mails yet!! its kind of frustrating

they will send link definitely before 13th becoz 13,14th are holidays…so dont worry about the link just keep watching your mail for every 2 hrs…we have to worry about the what they will ask in that test…so if anyone get link plzzzzzz share the link…

Link is not opening which is mention in the admit card of Accenture how you filled your information please help me

What link ?

Bro its too late too fill that form bec we have to fill that form earlier only