Accenture elgibility

In accenture eligibility criteria it is showing aggregate of 65 or 6.5(from first to Last semester) what does it mean???
The person should have 6.5 in all semester???
Or aggregate of 8 sem should be 6.5
Plzz help

Not in all semesters bro.!
Just the final CGPA must be more than that :slight_smile:

It means, the candidate applying for the position should have an aggregate of 65% or 6.5 cgpa of all semesters

I have met all the eligibility criteria mention in job description but still when I registered for Accenture on the link given$2a$12$Gj9974.fzWanBgCMbdsPfurg.pvvbaAC4V7t7P4NZTCRWdk1Li2ey&job=923

I received a text message saying sorry you have not meet the eligibility criteria for the drive.
Is anyone else got the same message?

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Same thing happened with me

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Have you try to contact elimtus or accenture about the same

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They are not replying

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Same here

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Same here bro
What to do in this condition

Today again I received message that I am not eligible

Mechanical engineers can apply for accenture to the post of application development level 12…??