[Accenture drive]

I know they will send mail within 4-5 days bt If anyone will get any kind of mail from Accenture pls inform

My Status-Attended

How did you perform in your interview??

Same here bro

My status also attended… Anyone gets mail please inform here…

Which one was you panel?..

The name of the hr was Rahul

I think the first pannel jst near the check point

Mine was at the far end right…There was one female. HR also…

No in my panel there was no female hr

Can anyone know .Number of panels

Shubham …Give Ur number I want to talk to you about Accenture interview process

Guys please share your interview experience

Frnd if anyone got any mail just post it regarding the 15th Jan drive

Ya bro sure …v r slso waiting for results only

How many rounds??

Anyone has any idea about the cut off score to attend the Accenture drive? What could be the minimum score ?

100+ i guess

i have my college name in the list. my aggregate is 57 … i have written it as 60 though… should i go n give a try or will they throw me out cos i dont have 60 ?

Bro they will check all the documents in the starting only even 59.9 is also not eligible