Accenture Drive

Hello I had written elitmus on Feb 2 and had applied for Accenture so still my results have not yet been announced even then i got shortlisted to attend the drive on Feb 9 and i need to write aptitude as well . Anyone of you who has written Accenture aptitude test ??? And also if i decline the offer bow and if i wait for my results and then can i expect that i will be shortlisted ??? Kindly let me know

Why would you decline?
Attend the drive, the aptitude is very easy.

Even if you decline, don’t worry, you will get the call later IF they do drives in future.
Its better to attend now.

Thanks a lot … How about the pattern and aptitude is it easy to clear ?? and any idea about the cut off???

I don’t know about cut-offs.
But the questions will be much easier than eLitmus questions.
You can practice aptitude on TestPot website.