Accenture drive to be held on 25th May, 2019

Any one who got Accenture call letter for interview, please write here about the location details and time of interview. Also share immediately if you get call letter. Thank you.

Do they send call letter for everyone who is applying?Last time they did not send me admit card for ase post.

i got interview call letter but they didn’t mention venue details,they are saying that accenture will send us their link in which we have to complete registration process and then only we are going to receive exact time and location details.But my question is when we will going to receive the link because i didn’t receive any link till now.

Last time even myself had also not received any invite for the drives. But I have applied to both the drives which were held on 16th and 23rd March.

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Hii, you will definitely receive link for registration. It may also come on the before day of drive so you should wait. One of my friends had received it on the before day night of the drive. If you get the mail please forward it to or please share here.

But let say that if we got the mail the day before the drive then how could we manage to travel pune or banglore in just one day, i know flight is an option but still

Somehow we should manage it. It is not that everyone will get mail on the before day, they can also get in prior. You are lucky that at least you have done with 1st step, I even have not got the mail yet. Please share the mail once you get, that will be most grateful.

Did you receive call letter?

No I have not received any call letter for interview. Do you received it.

No actually wen I logged in to apply it showed already applied.

I guess thy will send letter after last date of application

I am also thinking that may be after 22nd Feb they might going to send us exact details about interview.

within 6 months you can apply only it true?

Actually I applied last yr for the same role.

same here. have u got the invitation letter for the drive?

no,i did not get last yr.Even i applied for ASE role for march 23 interview but i did not receive admit card

ok if you get please let me know. thank you

ok.By the way wat is the selection process for it operation role?

i am not sure about it but first round will be written followed by hr.

If they send call letter pllzz forward me to