Accenture Drive | Pune | January 20

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Hello everyone!
The accenture threads are getting mixed responses and questions from all drives conducted this month. I would request people who attended the drive at Pune on 20th to post any updates and query in a seperate thread here. Thanks!

How much time will it requires to approve all the tasks??


Can you tell me roughly how many students turned up for the drive?

As per my knowledge, there were approx 120 students for the drive.

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i think the tasks should get approved in a week

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I have attended Pune Drive on Jan 20
But have not received any mail yet…they said we will receive within 2 days…but no response yet…
If any one receive any sort of mail from Accenture pls keep updating

I got these rejection.

1.Please provide your two references.
2.Please upload your complete graduation Marks Sheet.( I had submitted all except 3 semester, though I had submitted consolidated marksheet of 3rd and 4th sem together)

How to proceed? Any idea?

Two reference means any two people’s name. Just like providing two witness in a court.

Can they be my siblings working in another company?

If you r not selected then do Accenture send a mail for that too…

Yes, not necessary they have to be from Accenture.

thanks a lot. Also do you have any idea about what they mean by complete marksheet? Some of them were not star marked, but they are asking for it i guess

No, they don’t send mail.
But I am the only person in this world who got regret mail after registration. “You do not meet our eligibility criteria”.

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I don’t think so as no one got email like that

Yes, upload all mark-sheets.

Some aspirants from Pune batch have received link on the same day…few received it on Monday
For how many days one has to wait…

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Has anybody got mail of selection/regection of 20 jan pune drive

I got reject mail but I’m from Bangalore drive.
I got regret mail after getting link and submitting profile.