Accenture drive on 4th feb ,delhi software engineer associate?

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Did any one selected for that drive?




U have applied for it?@shashank


ya , but i doubt as my scores are total 118.8 VA-75 (88.32%), PS-3.86(41.44%) and QA-40 (86.95%)




I declined the 21st Jan interview call for ASE due to location issue, I changed the preferred location to Delhi after that, but I haven’t received interview call for that. Can any1 suggest me what to do ??


Please tell me the drive for ASE in Delhi is on 21st Jan or 4th feb???


4th feb


21st JAN is Just for Associate IT operations na






hey can u help me my score is 118.8 VA- 75(80.32%),QA-40(86.96%),PS-3.86(41.44%),
will i get a call from accenture?


When I called Elitmus they told me that Accenture have issued the call letter based upon the difficulty level of the questions attempted during phtest. So they may issue the call letter for the subsequent drive.


anyone got call letter for 4th feb ase??


No call for 21st Jan. at Delhi yet although got good pH score


Anyone got the call letter for the drive?


Hey, i recived a mail from accenture for 4th feb drive in delhi. But in elitmus portal i cant see that.

"Dear Parul Chaudhari,

Accenture is hiring 2016 batch students from selected colleges only. We see that your college is part of that list.

Your pH Score is above Accenture’s cut off. In case you meet the eligibility criteria, apply here to get an assured call.

As the number of openings are huge and students from all the branches are eligible, we request you to inform your college mates especially from core branches who are looking to join IT industry, via ■■■■■■■■, facebook, mails etc

Complete Job details can be seen by visiting here

With Regards,
Team eLitmus"


I have accepted the interview call from Accenture which is scheduled on 21st Jan; But till now I have not got any confirmation or the interview details. Can you please consider this.


What is cutoff score for accenture?, my score is 141, is there any chance of getting selected in it? Please reply.


What is your score???