Accenture drive 6th jan(Selected candidates)

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I got the offer letter and i accepted it on 13th feb. But i havnt received any countdown mail or date of joining. What to do now plz help.


You may be on next batch… If you don’t receive by today…


How do you say that if isnt by today then next batch?


My countdown is showing 317 days


great yaar will receive soon jst wait…


Its showing 317 days. how i will get soon.


it will get updated… dont worry i had the same issue… be calm if you have countdown link then you will surely get joining… :slight_smile:


Thanks. Have you received your date of joining


Was your countdown also showing 317 days at first ??


yo bro i too got the same days in countdown mail which i received sterday eve.


was it showing 317 days




mine also i got offer letter on 9th feb, and my friend he also got at the same date, but he has got the joining date, and i didn’t , countdown is showing now 316 days, any idea will i get joining or not


when did your friend got the joining date


he got joining for 26th feb, chennai


the date on which he got the doj and location mail ??


15th feb


ok ok you all attended interview on feb batch??


no, our interview was on 20th januray, we both got the offer on 9th feb, he got the joining date for chennai on 15th feb, and me not


when was your interview?? and what is your preferred location ?