Accenture drive 6th jan(Selected candidates)

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Should we wait for the response ?


Those who have applied for accenture through elitmus, they got shortlisted only if their college name is listed with them, So the same way will they follow for amcat drive also?


all tasks are approved??


College list is applicable to all portal eLitmus/AMCAT/FirstNaukri or anywhere else they do a drive from.


no only 6 got approved , i am waiting for other.
Are you from 6th bangalore drive


yup…mine also 6 approved.You mailed them?


No , i think maybe they would approve within this week


Anybody received mail after task approval??


Hey rishabh did your all task got approved?
How did you uploaded your marksheets(BE)? Can you share the screenshot pl?


I think, last year market was down. So didnt they call. This time it wont happen…


Hi .from which year u are?


bro i am B.TECH student
first scan ur docs (not more then 1mb) before upload.


& mine Task approved within 4 days


what’s your candidate id ? and are you from jan 6th drive



do not share or ask for candidate id in public


** Any Update after all tasks approved? Anybody? Any mail or anything at all?**


No bro


One of my task is rejected.International worker details
I have given nationality india
Country india and no foreign passport
Error shows tht file that u are uploading should not contain any special characters.
Is there anyone with same problems or any one knows the solution


try avoiding special characters in the name of the file that you’re uploading


Yes, college list is applicable in all portals - eLitmus/AMCAT/FirstNaukri any anywhere.