Accenture drive 6th jan(Selected candidates)

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this is the link and u have ur own username and password,so just login

What is the username and password ? I Mean whether my email is my username or else what?

hey actually i didn’t submit that basic details form yet
In that form i couldn’t select (institute and final institute location fields)
What should i do.
reply me soon keshav.

Username is ur email id and password is something like mix of number and letters

Can u plz tell me that. How was the interview process. What questions did they ask.

Bro pls, don’t do this -

I got a mail for registration but my link is not working.
How did you solve your problem?

I Mailed them and they solved my issue in 3 days
,you too mail them in
they’ll reply back and keep checking your link.

I have mailed them but it says to fill the form in 24 hours, so won’t it be a problem?

then you have to wait.

Was your problem also same?

yes initially link was not working ,i emailed and it worked. and i got 2nd email today of id creation.


in the screenshot i am getting that red cross mark…anyone know why is it so …i selected 2013 to 2017 only …

Hey ,Rashmi my link is also not working can U tell me what to do whom we should email… Mail them here & wait…

How much time do they take to respond via email?

Does anyone know a phone number for Accenture?

Is your link got opened??

Not yet

When did u attended the drive?