Accenture Drive 25th May Bangalore IT operations

Any progress for anyone regarding Offer letter or DOJ? Anyone got it yet?

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Not yet …how about you?

Nope. Tasks were approved 13 days ago, nothing since then

No updates yet. All the assigned tasks are approved. Still no update about offer letter/joining letter. elitmus, please look into it and update. We are waiting. It’s been 1 month since the drive happend.

It’s been a month do any have received offer letter or any update

Anyone got offer letter?


Which drive did you attended means on which date?

25th may as mentioned in the topic name

So,after how many days did you get your offer letter after successful verification of all the documents?

Documents were verified on 26th june and offer letter arrived on 3rd july

You got your DOJ?


What is your DOJ ?

19th aug

Thank you so much

Location ?