Accenture drive 21st, april 2018

Did anyone get results of accenture drive 21st, april 2018

Results are not announced for Accenture.
If you are selected, you will get the registration link within 2-3 days.
If not, no mail would be sent regarding rejection.

Did any one get the offer letter from accenture

Did u attend d drive on April 21st, 2018

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Did anyone get registration link from accenture, for d drive wch was held on April 21,2018

yes i have got the link…How long it will take for the further process?

Even I got the registration link and I am not sure about the not sure about the next step

Further steps may take 1-2 months. (entire procedure till joining)
The next step will be profile creation and documents upload, which you should get within
the next 15 days.

What is the next step after document upload… did anyone got offer letter

How many of you are done with the document uploading task and waiting for the offer letter?

Im done wid documents uploadng Im waiting fo offer letter

I think we will get d offer letter after May 10th, as the last due date for document uploading is on May 10th


hope so…with all those negative comments out here am so tensed now. Where did u attend the interview?

I attended interview in bangalore on april 21, 2018

same here :slight_smile:

Still one of my task yet to be approved

Hey guys . Anyone got joining at gurugram

Evn i got location as gurgram

Can I get your contact number