Accenture DOJ 10th March

To all those who got DOJ 10th March…have you received the venue and location details? Any idea when we might get it?
My joining location - Bangalore on 10th march

on which day was ur drive?

nop . still havent got any update abt venue and timings

18th & 19th Feb

We will surely get it right…? Is there a chance of rejection after issuing doj?

nop, dey wont reject now. dey mi8 send it witin 2day r 2mr
by d way did HR sent u any mail to fill in d form n reply to him?

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Yeah like a table right…asking yes or no…and pan card no

yup dat one only

Hey I got a call now from Accenture… Confirming if I’ll join…I asked when they will send venue details mail…they said by today end we will get

u r for ASE or it operations?

For the profile of ASE

Why did dey call u…u already confirmed it right??

I dono…

Does anybody has idea about what Application Development Associate is? Are all ASE’s at Accenture now ADA’s? Or is it something different?

Hey ive the same question…
The drive I attended for was ASE…but in offer letter it says Application Development Associate…
But both are at career level 12…same salary…same training everything…
Yet im confused…

Did u got venue details?

Both are same. They have changed the job description from ASE to ADE.

Is ur doj on 10th Bangalore? Got ur venue mail?

Ya it’s 10 march @ Bangalore. No idea about the Venue.

We will get worst case by tomorrow…
But I’m worried whether they can still reject us…? Cuz ive risked by resigning my current company