Accenture Delhi drive January 2018

Has Anybody receive the admit card for the interview process on 20th January 2018 ?

Which location?

No not yet. When do they send admit cards? The drive is tomorrow

I got my admit card at 1:30 AM today.
Check other folders of mail. People are still getting their admit cards, so you might get by evening.

Which location are you attending?


Usually they send 2 days before but I think they might have shifted date for some candidates

Where is your interview?

I applied through FirstNaukri, my interview is tomorrow in Bangalore Institute of Technology. (We also have aptitude round)

my interview is also tomorrow and i did not received any admit card what can i do now.?

What is the time for delhi drive?
On elitmus admit card it is 8:30
on Accenture admit card it is 10:00

Bro I have also Applied through FirstNaukri but I have Not Received any Admit Card but some of My frnds got but that to for Chennai Location as Interview.

May be My luck is not Good that is why I am not Getting call from Neither elitmus nor FirstNaukri.

Did you receive any confirmation mail from elitmus regarding accenture drive on 20th Jan 2018?

Has anybody received any mail after the accenture interview on 20 jan 2018.I did not receive but few of my friends did

Still waiting… I too have not got any mail…

If we did not receive any mail then what does that mean. Are we selected or not?

I have received mail :blush:

I have not received yet.

What was your batch number for interview?

hey first of ol congrats …and plz let us know …when was ur interview …was it yesterday 20 jan?

What does your email say?