Accenture call letter for 17th feb!

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Anybody got accenture call letter for 17th feb,2018. My College is not in the list and my scorre is 132.5. Will I get any call ?

College NOT in the list means NO call no matter what your score is.
Apply for IT Operations profile, 25th Feb.

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That is for Delhi Location. I am in bangalore.

No other option. :frowning:
For Application Development they strictly follow the college list.

The IT Operations profile is open to all colleges.

So, for that process, interview will be in bangalore also in upcoming days. I Guess !

For Application Development, it may be conducted in Bangalore again. Last drive was on 10th/11th. On 17th its for other locations. (Kolkata/Chennai/Pune).

For IT Operations will be conducted on the 25th. Delhi only.

where i will see that my college in the list or not

where to look the list pls help

See here -

Did anyone get a call for 17th Feb, for any location?

not yet , is the event not only at Delhi

if anyone get call letter inform us.

how do you know 17 th event is not in Delhi

i also didn’t get call for 17th feb…my preferred location is bangalore. will next event be conducted at bangalore after 17th??

i think they have called off thier drive

IT Operations is Delhi only, I know.
17th Maybe for Delhi also, but I don’t know a single person who got called for 17th, so maybe drive is postponed/cancelled.

Hello ,
i have applied for accenture through elitmus on 18th feb .but i didnt received any call letter regarding this

I applied for 17th Feb but still no interview calls…when the next event be happened for application prog associate?

For which profile?
I hope you have applied for IT Operations
I think the drives for Application Development is over.