Accenture call letter(15 th jan Bangalore)

For getting call for Accenture(7jan and 15 jan) ,College name should be in the list ???

Your college name is in the list ??

Yes #13 @akash_3077533

For getting call NO but for accepting the call YES your college name must be there in the list.

what was your score ,could you tell me because mine it is 145 but i din’t get call till now.

@brijesh_3278684 don’t worry brother. I too didn’t got the call for the drive. Today I called in Elitmus and they told me that it is possible that I am kept on a hold as they have issued the call letter based upon the difficulty level of the questions attempted during phtest. So they may issue the call letter for the subsequent drive. I guess same may be your case as well.

is this drive for 2016 batch or 2017 batch and my percentile is 99.52 in verbal,89.72 in problem solving and 90.16 in quantitative would i get a call?

Same here … I don’t have any idea about game test

dake_2916716 can you please attach your call letter

Yar, till now i din’t get call for Accenture and for 4th feb it is showing that drive is for Delhi,please suggest me that should i change my evaluation center to Delhi or leave as it is Bangalore.

@brijesh_3278684 brother I’m not so wise to tell you on that but since I too was not getting the calls I changed my Evaluation location to Delhi. Moreover I got a mail from Accenture that asked me to changed the location to Delhi, If interested in Delhi drive and sorry for the late reply.

can u tell me about the game test !!