Accenture call letter(15 th jan Bangalore)

did any one got the call for 15th jan drive?

Yes bro, I got it today.

what is this fifteenth january drive? I have got a call for a drive on 7th jan… so has this drive been postponed or something? or is this another drive?

since the slot were full for 7th jan they are conducting it again for the left out students on 15 th jan

By the way kriti_3249877 can u tell me the venue for 7th jan drive?

Yeah i also got the call just now. Does anyone what is that take from home “game test” is?

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yeah what is game test?

What was your score @dake_2916716 and when did you applied? You received the call?

today around 5:20pm my percentile v-82.62 ps-98.94 q-76 i had applied after 1-2 days of it appearing in the All jobs

@dake_2916716 you have got game test or face to face round?

@anusha_3069533 do you have any idea about game test? I got game test followed by interview.

game test then interview and it is also written that game test is non elimination round

Had MTech student called for the interview in Accenture in the past ever? Please Reply.

i too got the same letter

I too got the same letter

Can any one know that what are the rounds

Is there any written test or direct TR. And. HR

anyone here accepted it? Is it take from home on 15th or any location mentioned there?

Hi,I also got interview call on 15th Jan.
what are the dates of interview process will be going or it will be completed on 15th January only???
also have no Idea about game test & how much it is important for 15th Jan’s.

Can u attach your call letter??