Accenture Bangalore Drive Admit Card 19th November, 2016

Hello I am Pratik Raj

I have given Elitmus test on 18th September 2016 And my scores are
Verbal 110 94.75 percentile
problem solving 11.30 51.38 percentile
Quantitative 18.80 66.77 percentile

My query is My College is not mentioned in Accenture’s list of Colleges.
when i tried applying on the job portal it says u have already applied as i have already applied for the Delhi drive.

but i dint get interview call that time and now also when it is a bangalore drive i have not got the interview call.

is it because my college is not listed on that list of colleges?

what should i do?
reply please

this drive is only for girls dont worry

no bro it says female candidates are preferred.

It is improve International Women’s Day candidate encouraged apply

i have scored 84 and i was allowed to apply for accenture but i havent received the admit card yet. what should i do? @renjith_2738858 @gaurav_3109640

sir my college is also not listed in the accenture list…but i got a score of 148.2…wil i be shortlisted??

If will u get mail shortlist then will receive the interview call accept message with last time confirmation to interview admit cards yet…

if your total marks is 84 then u should write ph test once again. usually accenture calls above 100 @rachana_2976185

Was this drive for IT support associate.?

@lakshya_3261373 apply in companies if u get interview call u are lucky.
on this score u will get a lot of oppertunities

i dont know. i am also facing the same problem with accenture

Did anyone get the venue details for the Accenture drive for 19th Nov?

How many guys have got call from accenture for 19th november?

i dint get.

what is your score??

Till how many days before we get interview calls from the date of interview…

generally after last date of applying…in accenture too…last date is 15 nov…may be by tomorrow boys will get the call…becos they are calling girls first


The interview scheduled is postponed,right?

I have got the same message as per now