any bdy got intrvw calls from Accenture, Atrra,Harman infotech upcoming drives? If anybdy den jst letme knw,…?


how much percntile u got bro??..and on how much percntile accenture calls??


no not yet


my percentile is verbal 46.69,ps93.28,quant 19.39 any chances for mee


I got it for Accenture but its IT operation. If someone knows please tell me what is a job role in IT operation


Yes I got call for Accenture. if someone have attended accenture drive earlier plz share ur experience


Can u please share your score because till now I didn’t got call letter.


Please share your total score(not percentile), I just wanted to know if I have secured less to not get selected.


IT Operations = support to project teams on their systems (if you are good at OS and Networking)


105 in verbal
56 in logical
18 in quant


Is there any chance for the boys in Accenture drive to get shortlisted ?


Is your college name mentioned in Accenture’s list of colleges because i have got 140 marks more than 60 percentile in all the three sections. but my college name is not mentioned in Accenture’s list of colleges. and i have not received call for the 19th November drive till now.


I think the drive is only for female candidates.


no bro it says “female candidates are preferred”,


Yes of course, it says" women candidates are encouraged" not “only women candidates are required”.
They are just trying to equate the men-women ratio in the company, nothing to worry.

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is your colge is listed in accenture colleges list…because my colge is not listed in that…will i get the call for accenture i have 148 marks


accenture Associates software engineering collage only


okay this means i wont get the call from accenture…okaay


Accenture ASE (Associates software engineering) batch 2017 only start it’s drive in the month of Nov and it end in the march a week well.ThQ u…


As far as I know, college list matters when Accenture encloses it with the job description. I got call and my college is not listed in the previous college lists of Accenture.
So, if you meet the cut-off you will get a call.