Accenture ASE-IT operation 24 September Delhi drive joining letter

Has any body from that day’s drive has received the joining letter to join on 27th February in Gurgaon.
Kindly reply…

Ur drive was on 27 Sept ND u received ur offer letter after how many months??? They took near about 4 month to give u doj​:cold_sweat: :frowning: we had our drive on 21 Jan so our doj will be taking more tym???

No saumya
Tey will provide you joining letter soon…it depends upon ur preference location…Mine was Bangalore Hyderabad and Kolkata but I think vacancy was not there that’s why my joining letter was late…

Thank you …

I have given Bangalore hyd pune and my drive was on 21st jan in delhi. It means that I would also get my joining late because of my preference?

i m really worried about my joining.i hav also given ■■■■ hyd pune as drive was on 21st jan in delhi.i would also get late joining?

wen did u got ur offer letter?

@sheetal_3139305 do u know when accenture ASE It operation is coming in 27 feb 2017 ???