Accenture Ase 2016?

When accenture will be hire for ASE 2016 level 12 for mca because IT optation Level 12 drive is not for the mca students.

  1. There is nothing like level 12 for ASE…it is only ASE.
  2. ITO (only for btech students).
  3. Nobody knows when they will hire for ASE position (if they hire they will include MCA too).
  4. Lol…I was at the same position even I was waiting for Accenture(Dhoka mila :stuck_out_tongue: )
  5. As per hiring trends according to some sources(on internet) ITO will be on demand throughout the year of 2017. So, it is difficult to say whether they will hire ASE(through Elitmus) because Accenture fulfills its ASE hiring through OnCampus drive.