Accenture 8th Feb Bangalore

add me bro 7415345907

add me to the group- 9108461298
in my profile still there is no update. 8 submitted 5 approved :frowning:

in elitmus jobs list my status is still attendedā€¦out of 13 tasks 8 submitted and 5 approvedā€¦
anybody having idea about can we get the offer letter?? the ppl who attend on 8th feb drive in bangaloreā€¦

same for me too

7795187943 please add me too

Bro add me 8951723508 I have taken part in 8 th Feb Banglore drive

Same status donā€™t know how much they will take to approve the reaming 5 tasks

Bro add me 8951723508

Plz add me to the group 7504539914ā€¦ Thanksā€¦ in advance.

Has everybody got there tasks approved? my status is still 8 submitted and 5 approved.

What are the 13 tasks to be approved ???
Give me some info regarding the tasks

Hey bro, add me to the group 9962168840. Thanks in advance.