Accenture 7 jan drive


how much marks is required for getting a call from accenture **not ase it ?


50-120 than enough to get calls from accenture


is negative marks are allowed in the score


If you have negative mark in one section but 120 + overall score, you won’t get a call.


i have 112 score is i get a call from accentuer for software assosiate programmer


i think it total depends on the fate


I have given the e litmus exam twice. This is my score. Is there any chance to get the call for accenture for 7th jan.


dont noo mann




when can we expect a call.?


what are the expected rounds for accenture ASE drive at 7th jan 2017 ? please share the experience


i have total 110 marks & all section positive , but my collage name not mentioned there Accenture list. will i get a call from Accenture for upcoming event 7 jan in bangalore. plllsss anyone ???


My college list is not in there list. Will I get d call??


In accenture college list, Bhilai institute of technology, Raipur is mentioned but the main college is Bhilai institute of technology, Durg. So, students of Bhilai institute of technology, Durg can apply or not?


the accenture drive really conduct 7th jan?


please tell me any one


Yes. The drive is on 7th Jan 2017 at Bangalore for SEA.


i have same problem… some one please answer


I ll talk about this issue in my college. Becoz if I ll mail to elitmus then it ll not be effective. Only college can fix this. Try to talk in ur college… @sibiraj_3218552