Accenture 4th February, Delhi drive

Did anybody receive link of game test for accenture Delhi drive on 4th feb?

Not yet.


No not yet… have you fill the form of personal details as mentioned in the admit card as that link is not opening.

Mine too is not working, I called them and they told if it is not woking then no need to worry

Yes, i have filled the form as soon as i got the elitmus admit card.

I just recieved a mail from accenture, mentioning the details about required documents at the time of interview. But there it is mentioned that “game test is compulsory and you might have recieved the link for game test between 26th -28th Jan”. After which we have to register on their website with the cut off score and other details. Then only we will get the admit card from accenture.

But no link for game test is recieved till now. What should we do now?

The mail that you received was from accenture or from elitmus?
Because i received the same mail but it was from elitmus

Ya, it was from elitmus.

i have the same situation - got a mail from elitmus regarding the delhi drive, but no mail from accenture with the link to the game test.
anyone who did?

can anyone tell me when you got your mail to confirm presence for this 4th February Delhi drive?

We got this mail today only. But it is from elitmus not from accenture. They have just mentioned the documents required for the interview and few forms to be filled regarding details. Call letter from accenture will be recieved in few days with the interview location.

But I guess we get a option to choose the presence.This mail means we accepted to be present.

If anyone receives email for game test,kindly let us know.

I too got a same type of mail from elitmus saying it is compulsory to attend game test between 26-28 jan, but still haven’t received any link for game test. What should we do?

Received a mail from donotreply.indiacampus with the link for taking the assessments

what is the link?
can u share it?

thanks in advance

I did not received any mail till now