Accenture 25 feb drive BPIT delhi

Did anyone who attended the drive get any update pr mail from accenture or elitmus. I just received a mail from accenture nextsteps regarding my educational qualifications.

Me too. Is this mail send to those who get selected or to all the candidates who appeared for interview ?

no idea bro…

Anyone who didn’t received any mail from Accenture today…??

Plz share interview experience bro

did anyone got any mail to upload docs

I got a mail to update my educational qualifications

I am not really sure what this entails. Coz some of the students were asked to directly upload their documents. So I am really curious (worried) as to what this means…

I think only selected candidate will get this… And their status in elitmus is attended.

Its not only the confusion with u but last three batches have recived same mail as urs including me.

I wonder how they’d proceed with this.

in ur batch someone has got mail to upload docs?

Yeah, I think. Do you know anything about the joining dates?

Not yet. Only educational qualifications. They will soon enough

Me too got this mail,i have attended drive on 12 feb and till then their is no mail from accenture

what is your status on elitmus

Is there anyone who hasn’t got the email from Accenture…for 25th feb drive

although its not ensuring about selection but atleast people getting mail today are yet not rejected. :sunglasses:

I got a link regarding educational details with uploading of resume and photograph. My status at eLitmus is ATTENDED, ??? what to do next…lots of confusion…

next you can do is wait and hope. we all are doing the same.