Accenture 24 Dec Reg

Friends, Has anyone got admit card or test link for batch 2020 accenture ASE role?

I didn’t get any. Can someone explain what is the reason?

I have same query.

Same here no contact from their side yet

Do you know anything about the coding test for ASE Accenture. Is any language of our choice allowed or do we have to code in Java.

According to my reference, there will be a choice to choose programming language.

anyone got any mail from accenture

Even I have not got any mail. If somebody does plz share the online venue.

I too haven’t received any update for Accenture drive… Did anyone notice that the drive date has got changed to 16th Jan 2021 again??

Yes the drive date has been changed

i also not receiving any mail from Accenture drive is there any chances for shortlisting my ph score is 98.02 percentile 2020 pass out

Yeah they have changed the drive date again. Also pH score is not considered for this job role at Accenture.