Accenture 23rd March offer letter

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Has anyone received a definite offer letter from Accenture?
I have submitted all my documents on the online portal which we got via mail,
out of which only 2 have been accepted.

Same here with me…when we will get the joining email, can anybody tell us?

It will take around 15-20 days to approve all of documents. It depends upon requirements. Don’t worry.


have u received ur offer letter?

Not till now

Have all of you recieved your offer letters?

I have received it

@himshabh When you have received offer letter?

On last friday

@himshabh for bangalore location? What is the joining date?

Not joining letter i have only got Offer letter

Anyone else got the offer letter…?


we can make a group and add people who got documents link, please tell other eho got selected, so its easy to communicate

I know only one person…even she is waiting for offer letter.

even i got the offer letter, today.

Anybody else received offer letter or DOJ ?

Yes @riddhipipaliya

did anyone got mail regarding joining date?