Accenture 21st jan

Did anyone got the admit card for 21st Jan for banglore

Nope… Do u ?


Got just the call for 21st Jan but does it possible to reschedule in feb … ? I have date issue… Plz suggest.

Anyone suggest wht to do…is it possible to reschedule the drive of 21st Jan for Accenture as date not convinent for me.??

What is your score???


When did u guys received the call letter?

Mine is 150, recieved the letter on 14th jan, haven’t accepted it yet. Is it possible to postpone?

Is it only girls drive? M talking about it operations 21st jan delhi drive

NO, I’m asking about 21st Jan Bangalore drive for ASE

Decline the offer, you’ll get a call for the 4th Feb drive. If you accept and won’t go, you’ll get a no show tag, which isn’t gud. 130 is gud enough, they’ll call you again.

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Decline and wait for a call for drives on further dates. I had accepted the call for 7th Jan drive, couldn’t go, ended up with a no show tag, still I got a call for 21st Jan drive, so you get the idea.

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My score of ph test not declared yet. How do I get any call or apply for job?

What if declining means that the person is not interested. They might never call back. Has anyone in your knowledge declined any offer and got a callback? Just asking

When you decline, you get to mention the reason why you are declining,you can mention that you have date or location issues or both. Only No Show tag indicates that the candidate is not serious. If you don’t want to take a risk, then I suppose you should accept the call.

You get shortlisted only if your score has been released, except on special occasions when eLitmus mails you about a prospect where your score will be considered on a later stage.

Thanks!! :relaxed:

Can anyone tell me the venue details for Accenture 21st Jan Bangalore drive for associate software engineer???

I got mail from accenture about 15 jan drive that I’m rejected for that ase drive after game test.did they call me for 21 or 4 feb drive??? Anyone has any idea about it??