Accenture 20 jan delhi

has anyone received mail regarding result of accentur 20 jan delhi drive


I haven’t got it yet
Has anyone got it???

Some got a mail for documents uploading and ID creation, did you?

haven’t got anything yet. Doubtful that they will be sending mails anymore:pensive:

That’s sad! How was your interview? As in was the HR pleased? Were you better thn rest of the candidates?

my interview went quite smoothly. after introduction, they asked 4-5 questns back to back. I was asked more questns than any of the others. and I answered them calmly and fluently. Other than me, one other was also very fluent in her talking(she was the only girl among us). I was almost satisifed by the interview yr. Don’t know what happened.

Did u get it what are1 the chances that they might send it now

i have applied on 30th december for delhi center . and it has been almost a month and my status is still showing college is not enlisted in the college list of accenture,with that logic it should have been rejected till now.oly logic i am able to get is as because i scored decently in elitmus thatsy its in waiting.I got 97,92,85 in ps,va,qa.Is anybody facing the same problem?

College NOT in list then you will not get call.
Move on and look for other options. They don’t update on the status.!