Academics Marks

Do 12th std marks matters once i get good pH scores?
Do company still set academic bars?


The normal protocol states that a threshold of 70% is set by most companies. But this isn’t a standard unit. For example, TCS has set its minimum at 60 while Trianz,75. Both are MNCs.

Coming back to your query, a huge YES from my side :smile:
A lot of people find themselves thrown into the darkness if they flunked in their high schools. Nevertheless, I can enumerate number of companies that accept employees who don’t have an amazing acadmic background. Of course, a score can’t really be a litmus test to your intelligence :bulb:

My senior had 50s in both (10 & 12) took amcat and elitmus, finally got into accenture as her scores were splendid.

But yeah, Prepare well, get better percentile, and spread your spark in the interview, your offer letter will come running to your hands.
Good luck!

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You mentioned “a huge Yes for my query” and later you are again mentioning that it does not much matter.
I am sorry but Iam not getting any transparent answer.

Well thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

Well, apologies from my side for that ambiguity.

A YES from my side actually meant that you’ll get better opportunities regardless of your 12th scores. (Coming back to your query, a huge yes from my side that you’ll get good opportunities ahead regardless of your scores)

Hope that makes the response clear and comprehensive.

Good luck.