About the test link of telibhrahma

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when will i get the test link of telibrahma and test will start at 12:30

but it’ s not opening

did u complete ur test

U can give ur test now…its working…

it;s not opening

use unlock password as 2019

My result is 12 out of 15 when will get call letter?

ya dont know ,they will contact us .

I got 10 out of 15. Is there any chance


Hey… Did ny1 get ny updates about telibhrahma drive?

Ya… It was written that minimum score required is 8…so you should get the call…!


I got 12 but i didn’t get any update

I too got 13… But didn’t get any further updates…

I also got 11 out of 15 but not get any updates

When we got call from this company. According to elitmus info tomorrow is interview still i am not getting any mail or call .Please anyone tell me if they got call from this company.

I think no one has got the call yet…

I think no one has got the call yet… We should try calling to elitmus about this.