3rd time pH test confusion

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Guys, I am planning to write pH for the third time now.
My percentile for the second time:
Total marks- 141

But, In case I didn’t perform well for the third time, which score will then be sent to the companies? The latest one or the better one.

Bro your score looks good.
Verbal is not considered much.

But if you still take another test. The best score counts.

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Ok! Thanks for responding!

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I gave me first attempt on 8/04/2018 when can I take the test again ?? Is there any min time gap required for the reattempt ??

You can take the pH test any time you want. There is no blocking period.
All the best.

Subject wise best score is considered or total best score? Suppose if both quant and english are good second time but problem solving was good first time, which one is considered? Too much confusion, nothing clear given on website.

There is not blocking period for eLitmus. You can take the test without waiting.
All the best!