28th may result

I have given my test on 28th may 2017, however i haven’t got my results and elitmus said they will release the results in two working days, anyone who hasn’t got his result too? One of my friends gave on the same day, his results are out.

Update : anyone who got the results in 2,3 June? Please comment?

I have not received the scores yet. Says will be declared soon. Please share if you get you result released.

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Sure will do. Best of luck though :slight_smile:

same here… waiting for my 28th May result…


Better to ask them why your results are not out? (this might due to verification pending from your end)


I don’t think it should be because of the verification, i already had all the original documents.Anyways , i have mailed them.

I didn’t have an id proof, but they didn’t tell me to do anything. Just made me sign where it said id proof.
Please notify if it’s because of that.

hi iam also waiting for the result

And now they are saying,if you have used a pen to fill the bubbles,they have to manually evaluate our papers…and hence the delay…
Don’t know how much truth in it…


For first i used the pencil, secondly my papers were all there, anyone whose documentation was complete and used pencil, kindly comment, so other people might know that they are not alone.

I haven’t yet talked to elitmus but i did put an email and it’s gonna take some time for them to reply.

Any other person who has talked to elitmus?

Well, I got my result yesterday itself.

can you mention your elitmus test location

Okay, it was helpful.

Mine test location was doon public school, paschim vihar.

your friends who got the result are they from same location??

Yeah, he is from the same location, plus his hall id was way above me, for example if mine was 1193 his was around 1140.

Was your documentation complete? Like you had all the documents with you?

no i had shown only btech certificates.

Yours not gonna come now, i am pretty sure of it.

Hey, how about you? Did you get it? Were your documentation complete?

When will I get result of 28 the may and submitted all my documents…