2017 batch jobs (1 year experienced)

I am from 2017 batch(1 year experienced). I have a good experience but due to some circumstances, I started working in whatever company I got under any amount of pay thinking that I will change it later on the basis of my knowledge and capability. With the same reason I gave elitmus, got good decent scores but now no decent company is being listed on the elitmus for 2017 and if I apply for any company who is hiring for 2018 or 2019 batch where according to conditions I am also a good fit, but I don’t get shortlisted. Want to know will there be some good company coming for 2017 batch or the exam I gave wasn’t worth.

Keep checking the experienced section of jobs. It will be a but tough for you to find one since the jobs for “2017 + 1 yr exp” were plenty in the past year.

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