2015 Batch any hope left?


I am 2015 batch B.tech looking for a software job. I am currently in Delhi. Is there any chance left for 15 batch students now? Shall I move to Bangalore or work in a small company in Delhi now? Please reply.


Move to bangalore


I m also from 2015batch…what will b d benefit if we move to bangalore?


Yes please elaborate Neha. Are MNC’s hiring there for 15 batch or I have to start with a lesser known company. Because I may get a job in a small company here also in Delhi but Bangalore will be costly if I get a salary say below 10k for starters. Reply please.


If you got a job as a Developer/Tester.
Don’t leave your company.
Work for a year then switch.


Chandra I may get a job here as a PHP developer in a small startup. Is PHP worth it? I know Core Java as well but not many opportunities here in ncr for a fresher. Will Bangalore be worth it if I know Core Java or is PHP not a bad profile ?


Please don’t think that coming to Bangalore will provide you job. Please if you have got job in small company then work then and try to get as much as experience you can. Build your skills very strong don’t look for higher packages. You can switch to any company and also can come to bangalore, demand for experienced person is very high here.
Saying it with my own personal experience. I too face difficulty as a fresher getting job in Bangalore.


Abhishek can you share your experiences as a fresher. Were you in Ncr and then went to Bangalore? How difficult was it there getting your first job ?


You will get a job in any startup, if you have skills.
But moving to Bangalore will not ensure that you will get a job. Plus in Bangalore u have to sign bonds/service agreement with companies for 2-3 years. Many company have that policy.
Your YOP is 2015.So, better start working.
I had the same idea about PHP, to be honest language doesn’t matter.
At the end of the day you have to build a software.
My friend refused Accenture’s offer, he is currently working for a small company getting paid more than what Accenture offered. He is a php developer in that company.


Hi m 2015 passout
B.E Electrical
Is der ny possibility dat I will get a job through elitmus?
I dnt hav ny experience also
I gave test on 24th sept and my scores r-
verbal 12
quant 92
prblm solvng 88
Got no interview calls
Plz do reply


Are you in Bangalore ?


yes, I am


Please share your email id. I want to talk.