16th July,2016 CGI Drive Update

How many of you are waiting for the call from e-Litmus for hr round of cgi drive conducted on 16th July?Please reply.

i am waiting

@pranit,its been 18 days,when they will call? Tomorrow also,there is a drive.

I am also waiting for the call.How much time they will take??

@palla_3154757,You cleared till tr2 on 16th july?

Actually I cleared aptitude and GD.Then they called me for technical round on 18th.Till now they didn’t give any updates about the results.

Ok,you didn’t submitted the photocopies.With me also ,after tr 2 ,they said you will get call for next round next or next to next week.And that call letter was not from eLitmus but it was from freshers@cgi.com.We all are waiting.Tomorrow also,there is a cgi drive.They take so much time dear.As ,I am working I need to inform here.

Did u get the call for hr round?