13 th December Ph test result any one get?

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Can anyone please tell me when will I get ph test result?? I gave the test in 13 th December. What is the minimum time it takes to announce the result?

It can take anything between 3-21 days. I gave the test on 22nd November and got the result on 13th December. All the Best.

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Can u please tell me where to check results or they will mail us?

They will mail you once the result is out. You can also check it yourself by clicking “Tests” on the top bar. Be patient. I think it usually takes 20-30 days now-a-days.


Thank you Sidharth.

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I am also waiting for the same. Today is 28th dec,2020 results are not out yet.

Bhai ab to new year bhi aane wala h. Result kb aaega.