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The Crush Point : How Fluid Dynamics Can Help You Manage Crowds [Rituals@eLitmus] (1)
The Craiglist Story | Keep It Simple! [Rituals@eLitmus] (1)
Mission statement [Culture@eLitmus] (3)

What drives us

Annual Outing 2017 - Holiday Inn@Goa [Rituals@eLitmus] (4)

How we got a steal !! [image] [image]

Team : Corporate Sales | Experience : 2 to 6 years | Role: B2B Sales [Opportunities@eLitmus] (1)
The "Annual Outing" ritual [Rituals@eLitmus] (3)

The master ceremony

Core Values [Culture@eLitmus] (3)

Rules of the game

9 to 5 - the work hours [Culture@eLitmus] (3)

We play hard!! And other secrets@work

Beyond 9 to 5! [Culture@eLitmus] (3)

We are still at work !! Dont ask what we do ; )

Test Operations [Teams@eLitmus] (3)

Complex logistics & Operations Research to deliver defect free tests

Technology [Teams@eLitmus] (6)

Geeks who give eLitmus the X-Factor and scale.

Strategy & Employer Branding [Teams@eLitmus] (3)

Help companies hire and engage smarter talent

Corporate Sales [Teams@eLitmus] (2)

An extinct team. Trying to resurrect it !!

Corporate Delivery [Teams@eLitmus] (3)

Jack of all - Market knowledge, Technology, Customer Engagements, Recruitment.

Team : Corporate Delivery | Experience : 2-4 years | Roles : Sr Business Associate/ Team Lead [Opportunities@eLitmus] (1)
Assessments [Teams@eLitmus] (2)

We probe around the globe!

Team : Technology | Experience : Fresher | Role : Associate Technology (Full stack developer) [Opportunities@eLitmus] (1)