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What are the steps I need to follow in order to book the pH test post registration on eLitmus website? (4)
Where can I take the pH test? Will the pH test be conducted in my campus? (4)
I had paid for the pH test but I was unable to attend the event. Please help (1)
I have paid the test fee twice. How would the refund for the same occur? (1)
I am not able to pay online. How can I resolve this issue? (1)
Where can I get my Registration ID/Test ID for my pH Test? (1)
I am unable to pay the fee because it is showing that capacity is full. What should I do? (1)
What is a scholarship code and how do I use it? (1)
How many times can I reschedule a test for which I have already paid? (1)
Can I cancel my pH test once I have made the payment? (1)