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How do I apply to companies? (2)

All jobs through elitmus are listed on our website at You need to login to your eLitmus account. Go to Jobs --> All Jobs section, and you will find the link to apply. Also, we advise you to check …

What is the cutoff percentile to get interview calls? (2)

Each company has its own shortlisting criteria.In addition to this,eLitmus uses an artificial intelligent (AI) engine which uses extremely complex algorithms to evaluate the pH score. The objective is to ensure that cand…

What do different status for my job application in my eLitmus profile mean? (1)
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How can I know the company interview venue? (1)
I have received an interview call but I want to change the preferred location for the same. How can I do that? (1)
I have accepted the interview invite,can I decline now? (1)
Is there any limit on the number of invites that one can decline? (1)
Why is the status showing as 'Applied' in my profile even after a drive for the event has been conducted? (1)
Why can't I apply to same job listing multiple times? (1)
I attended the drive of a particular company, but I wasn't selected. Will I be shortlisted again by the same company? (1)
I have quit the company I had joined. How can I get my moratorium lifted? (1)